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Saturday, October 29, 2005

oh yeah

im listening to

sublime - wrong way


wait no it has ended now


mr mister - take these broken wings


:P bye

well this week was really rather boring

well as the title says, this week was rather boring, i got bored, worked 1 day moving tables 150 of them man thats alot of tables, ummmm, i went to quinnys with tam, courto and haylee, that was fun, quinny cooked us tea, and then we watched a movie, then i went into sale to lambies place and drank and watched batman and the football, umm today i helped renee do homework for about an hour, thats right me ... homework, ive never done my own homework before let alone my girlfriends lol its just insane, ahh i suck lol, anywho, gonna go out sometime soon once one of the people i rang rings back i guess, if not i may just go round to burrells, where nelson and all them are as he got back this weekend from the army, big man hey =P, anyways again i am just talking random shit, JULIE HURRY UP AND COME INTO SALE DAMMIT.

i love you guys ... ... no really i looooooooove you guys =p

... bye

Monday, October 24, 2005

well now isnt everyone just turning 18

hey hey guys, well not much really has been happening in the life of cookie lately, not much at all but there is a few people turning 18, julie, pauline, my beautiful gf renee, hanrat etc. etc. umm sale cup was yesterday wat an excuse to go out and get drunk, in the daytime with hundreds of randoms, i randomly met up with luke, casey, grant and queylyn (renees sister and brother and their partners) and caught a bus back into sale with them so we went out for tea to legends, ummm wat else wat else, there was julies party last weekend ... oh yeah and this week has been huge, wednesday night . drinking all night. thursday . drinking all day and night. friday . drinking all night . saturday ... i dont really wanna talk about it hahaha nah salefest rules absolutely hammered from 3 oclock till about 5 the next day and yeah then today was sale cup so yeah ... ... thats all i got. exciting life hey guys. ummmmmm oh yeah since my last post i have learnt there is a family guy movie ~shock horror~ it is awesome i love it. stewie gets absolutely hammered in it. anyways ok then i shall see you guys later on no doubt all for a laugh . BYE

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Look New Postings

well havnt written here for a while, but not alot has happened =(, i now have a job at the gas plant as an apprentice electrician =D yay, just waiting to start work i really really really need money, i am selling the car and getting a newer one, the one i have now uses too much fuel. Oh yeah renee got back from italy thats one thing that happened lately, ummmm, me and zoe broke up, i dont even think i ever put on here that we were together but hey we still broke up, its her bday today too, HAPPY BDAY ZO, ummmmm yerp, bored bored bored bored bored, =D wat can i do, might go down and look at prestneys, and then go bum down the street till school finishes =(, soo bored =P, oh well .. .. OH YEAH gabbys house got trashed on the weekend hahaha, i told her not to have it inside, but hey we had fun, riding matresses down the staircase mwahahahahaha, and i jumped from like halfway up and landed on the matress man that hurt, i could hardly breathe but hey im all good now arent i, anyways im leaving now, luv yas bye

ohhh yeah and you should all go to www.makepovertyhistory.com.au and buy a white band, they are only $2 and it goes to a worthwhile cause. DOOOOOO IT

Saturday, February 26, 2005

well well well

due to constant abuse by anonymous (my guess is julie or pauline) i decided to update this, well im now 18 have crashed a car, have a new car, have been extremely drunk alot of times since, and yeah well gone back to school. the other night was hell cool, we went to ringers for 2 dollar spirits as usual but this time fatty showed up and it was fattys birthday (fatty owns ringers) so he started buying everyone free drinks, so i got extremely paraletic one minute i was chatting to the bar girl (lisa) and the next i woke up, was in my bed and had to go to school in 10 minutes lol man talk about your big nights, last night we went to jars and then hibbos and then got bored so i went home and got my bass and amp, so me and jeremy and hibbo played a few songs, didnt sound bad considering we have never played together and then jarryd our usual guitarist took over and we played a few more songs, yeah well lara and tam had their party that was fun, i gotta pick hibbo up from work in an hour and a half and then get poida and then we are going to the FOOTY in morwell should be fun even though i dont go for the tigers or essendon lol (lame-o teams they are) ummmm yeah not much to say really hibbo is now one year closer to being able to come out with me and dela and jar and dave, and everyone else is inching closer towards that magical age of 18, i am talking to sarah a friend of mine that lives in england first time ive spoke to her in ages, another friend (sarahs bro ben) is in sydney at the moment him and 2 of his mates and his gf came down and are here for 6 months they are coming to stay at bens aunties house in sale for a week, so if u see a bunch of british people dont get scared they are with me mwahahaha ill have to teach them how to drink the australian way =P anyways i am seriously running out of shit to spit so ill be leaving you now, i may write back in another 2 months or so, bye then

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Quizzy Things

I was inspired by LX yet again, hey atleast im posting something other then random dribble.

Are you Addicted to the Internet?

Newbie (21% - 40%)
You've started to learn that there is more to the internet than AOL. You've recovered from that email virus that wiped your hard drive and are thinking of getting DSL. You still tend to forward too many jokes and inspirational thoughts via email to your entire address book.

The Are you Addicted to the Internet? Quiz at Quiz Me!

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OK thatll do lol im sick of being called a donkey, then again ... =P bye bye

Sunday, December 19, 2004


Well last night was interesting lol, yes very, hanrat got cut because adam didnt show up ... yet again, i got absolutely smashed eventually, and was inspired by Angus Young (ACDC lead guitarist) to imitate some guitar solos on the ground, which resulted in a scuffed elbow ... "ouchies", oh and lara =P i know someone that likes you =P, im soo bored, i learnt how to play pretty much the whole new pearl jam cd on bass today, and em and jess woke me up in the morning at like 8 oclock, and then after they left gabby came round so i didnt get to sleep till like 12:30 this afternoon =(, oh well ya get that, people need to update their blogs more often i reckon, scotty is talkin shit on msn again, and hes the only one talkin to me so i have to listen, but hey it gives me somethin to do, man i heard a few funny stories about tegz last night lol, people punchin people, people passin out with their pants off (undies and all), etc. etc., well this is very exciting isnt it, BYE

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Moulin Rouge

Well wat can i say, moulin rouge was ... interesting =P, soo dissapointed coz lara didnt get crushed by the big elephant, but i made her laugh while she was dancing so it evened out, she looked up at me so i done this flirty little wave thing and she loved it lol, we went to tea before and me and richie felt like total studs coz were walking round town in our suits and stuff, it was wicked, oh well yeah had a chat to amy and lara after the show, oh and cristen and katherine, anyways im totally running out of stuff to say so blah blah im leaving now.

P.S. Good job lara and the rest of ya the show was really good i enjoyed it ;) ;)

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Me = Bored
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Pirate Name = Eye-Gougin' Izzy Slasher
Gangsta Name = Masta Crab Whacka
Taxi Name = Matatâ McGillicuddy
Mafia Name = 'Angry Inch' Al
Well that was thrilling
Hanrat is boring me, she is off listening to Michael Jackson, dirty dirty man he is. Never never land my ass.
Currently listening to Atreyu - You Give Love A Bad Name (bon jovi cover) its sweet as.
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